Ricky Moseley’s Section from “The Hunt”

Ok, so what you need to know about this is that it has a good number of clips from Blue Bench starting at 01:13. I’m not one to not post something that has Blue Bench footage so I’m throwing this up. After you watch that first round of clips you can skip ahead to 02:04… Continue reading Ricky Moseley’s Section from “The Hunt”

Alex Cazares 2013

The last time I posted one of Alex’s edits I called him out on a thunderous case he laid down at the Fury trails. Nothing like that this time, just him shredding the fuck out of some San Diego dirt.

Larry Edgar for Stay Strong

The latest Dylan Pfohl masterpiece comes in the form of Larry Edgar’s new edit for Stay Strong. It starts off at Stephen Murray’s trails, moves onto a concrete park, and then gets back to more trails at 02:02. I’m not going to lie, I skipped right through the park stuff. Larry’s riding at the trails… Continue reading Larry Edgar for Stay Strong

Alex Cazares Fury Session

Seems fitting to post a video from San Diego while I’m here. Alex Cazares shreds the Fury trails but definitely lays down a thunder case in the process. You can actually see his whole bike flex around the landing!