“Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday! “This 15 year old Seek & Destroy commercial was released in the fall of ’98 and distributed to bike shops on VHS. It also ran in an issue of Props video magazine, but hasn’t seen the light of day since then. We re-released it on the internet… Continue reading “Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

Catty & Posh 2012

Wow! Man I’m psyched on this new video from Douglas Foulke Jr. It has a ton of good footage from Posh and Catty, and the elusive Garrett Byrnes even makes an appearance at the end. Hats off to Doug for this one!

Terrible One SFA Frames Now Available

The latest version of the long awaited and much anticipated Garrett Byrnes signature “Sweet Fuck All” frame from Terrible One is now available. They come in gloss black, trans orange, “Frans tan”, and clear gloss raw with top tube sizes 20.75″, 21″ and 21.25″ available. Don’t hesitate to hit up your local shop or mail… Continue reading Terrible One SFA Frames Now Available