The Deadseas – Shred Seas Episode 1

Shred Seas is a new web series from our friends The Deadseas. The first episode, titled “It’s Good to be Home” features some random footage shot down at their local spot, the Tanner Trails. Stylistically it’s a little different, but I’m into it! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Seth Huot has planned for… Continue reading The Deadseas – Shred Seas Episode 1

Dollar Bet DVD – Tanner Trails Section

I’ve been seeing sections from Shawn “Elf” Walters’ “Dollar Bet” DVD getting posted up in various places over the last few days. I’d be lying if I said that I knew anything about the DVD, but since it was from the SLC area, I was holding out hope that there possibly could be some trails… Continue reading Dollar Bet DVD – Tanner Trails Section

Dig – SLC Tanner Trails

Dig adds one more to their trails playlist with this rockin’ Tanner Trails edit from Seth Huot. Mike Szczesny is always killing it, but he’s on an absolute tear in here! Not to take anything away from Kurt Perkins, Jonsey Fedderson, Garrett Holm, and Chris Flook, who also contribute their fair share of awesomeness to… Continue reading Dig – SLC Tanner Trails