Brockham Jam 2017

Despite a less than promising forecast the Brockham Jam did indeed end up going down last weekend, or should I say going off! This highlight video from GetaBMX brings us our first look at the shenanigans, including the always entertaining/deadly high jump contest.

A Very GetaBMX Loosefest 2016 Edit

This is WAY more freeridey than what I usually post, but f*ck it, I’m psyched on Milan’s edit from Loosefest. On one hand I think it would be a blast to be getting whipped out on jumps this big, on the other I think it would completely ruin normal sized jumps for you.

GetaBMX – Lost Trails Session

I always get excited when I look through my feed and discover that Milan has dropped a new GetaBMX edit, especially when that edit is from the Lost Trails! This whole thing was filmed in just thirty minutes during a heavy international session at Lost with Milan’s crew, Lloret locals, visitors from Germany, and of… Continue reading GetaBMX – Lost Trails Session

GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

A while back Milan over at GetaBMX shot over some questions to myself, The Union’s Kurt Hohberger, and Plus Size BMX’s Chris Olivier about what it’s like running a BMX website. As excited as I was to answer them, I was even more excited to see what the other guys had to say. I definitely… Continue reading GetaBMX – Running a BMX Website

GetaBMX – 2015

GetaBMX’s Milan Recknagel sure did do his fair share of getting around last year, as this 2015 highlights edit more than proves! Definitely not a bad way to get the week started, and it’s also a pretty good source of inspiration for laying out some solid traveling plans for 2016.

GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)

Usually when I see that an edit is 20 minutes long, I think to myself that there’s no way I’m going to make it the whole way through. Not only did I make it through all 21 minutes and 37 seconds of this third release in GetaBMX’s “So Big” series, I actually went back and… Continue reading GetaBMX – So Big 3 (The Transitional Years)