Quick Edit at GJ’s

Remember that long lost edit from GJ’s trails that I posted the other day? Well here’s another quick one from around that same era, though with a slightly less kick ass soundtrack.

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GJ’s Trails – W.A.S.P. Edit

Standard definition or not, this edit is awesome! I mean how could you go wrong with an edit that has W.A.S.P. for the soundtrack and features NW legends GJ, Darin Read, Jake Shuster and a few other guys cruising some long gone trails? Stoked this one made its way online!

A Washington Summer

I was off the grid in the Shenandoah Valley yesterday so I’m a bit late to the party with posting this! Elliot Van Orman headed up to Washington last summer to visit his brother and spend some time checking out the scene up there. He documented the entire trip, and the result is this fifteen… Continue reading A Washington Summer

Building the Underground – Mix 2

There’s no way I could hold off until Friday to post this! It has to have been at least ten years since I last saw Building the Underground. I remember watching it for the first time and being blown away that the Pacific Northwest had a trail scene very similar to what we had going… Continue reading Building the Underground – Mix 2

Woodward Tahoe Trails Edit

It’s been pretty quiet on the POW front since the release of “Welcome Back to Jefferson State!” That was until a couple of weeks ago when a post popped up on their page announcing that a new edit was in the works. Well that new edit is finally here and it features the whole crew… Continue reading Woodward Tahoe Trails Edit