A Trio of Trails 2015

I’m psyched to see so many of my good buds shredding a trio of NC trails in this video that Jon Pfundstein put together (hopefully I waited long enough to post one of his videos this time)! LOL at Brandon Grimm trying to get into the record books for the world’s fastest Vander Roll at… Continue reading A Trio of Trails 2015

GMG Halloween Trail Jam 2015

This edit from the GMG Halloween Jam came to me with a warning that it was a little bit different and had lots of slomo. While both of those are definitely true, I actually didn’t hate it. As a matter of fact, I would even go as far to say that I liked it! What… Continue reading GMG Halloween Trail Jam 2015

Mark Potoczny – GMG POV

I was starting to think that Mark Potoczny must have lost his GoPro or something! Glad to see that’s not the case and that he’s back with another POV. North Carolina’s GMG Trails get the Mark Potoczny point of view this time with two runs tailing his brother Mike and Corey Zell.