Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Villa Road’s highly anticipated 2017 wrap-up video is here, and man it’s a doozy! On top of the expected clips from Woodyard, there’s also footage from Leatherhead and the crew’s trip to New Zealand. For a most radical viewing experience, grab yourself a beer, settle in on the couch and watch this on your TV… Continue reading Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

I was actually expecting the video from Lima, Inch and Matt Priest’s New Zealand trip to be a Villa Road edit, but it turns out that it’s for Verde. This epic 15 minute piece follows their whole adventure but if you’re short on time or have a short attention span, 02:12 is where you’ll find… Continue reading Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

Gorge Road Autumn Sessions

As we here in the Northern Hemisphere are gearing up for our trails season to begin, our friends way down south in New Zealand are wrapping theirs up. Hop on board with Martin Sedlak as he makes the most of some fall laps with the boys at Gorge Road before the season closes out.

Danny Josa In New Zealand

Here we have a rather artsy edit that Flairmotion put together documenting Danny Josa’s time in New Zealand. They’re also the ones who did that Dawid Godziek edit the other day, and much like that one, this one has footage from Farm Jam, Lizzy Woods and Gorge Road.

Red Bull – Ultimate New Zealand BMX Road Trip Pt. 3

And here we have part three of Red Bull’s tour of New Zealand. This episode starts off at Gorge Road where we learn a little about the history of the place and that there’s a possibility that their lease won’t be renewed when it’s up in two years. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed on… Continue reading Red Bull – Ultimate New Zealand BMX Road Trip Pt. 3

Sam Bates – Don’t Pretend

I’m extremely jealous of Sam Bates after watching this eleven minute edit that he put together from his 2015 travels! I’d be ecstatic just to make it to one of the places that he visited. Traveling to and getting to ride Gorge Road, Villij and Spitroast all in the same year has to be pretty… Continue reading Sam Bates – Don’t Pretend