Review: MX Trails “Trekt Op Nieks” DVD

I’d be lying if I said that I had any inclination that I’d be reviewing a trails DVD this year. With how easy it is these days to slap some footage together and throw it up on YouTube or Vimeo, I thought the days of DVDs were unfortunately behind us. Luckily our Belgium friends from… Continue reading Review: MX Trails “Trekt Op Nieks” DVD

Stronghold BMX – Richard “Titch” Thomas

It was right around a year and a half ago that I posted THIS trailer for the Stronghold DVD. I was pretty damn excited about getting my hands on a copy of the DVD when it came out, but unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be. Though there won’t be a physical DVD, the sections for… Continue reading Stronghold BMX – Richard “Titch” Thomas

Lucky 13

This isn’t an edit, it’s a full on thirty minute trails movie! PSA, Vauxhall, Blackwoods, Grandmas, they’re all in here! To quote Dig (not Dig the magazine, Dig aka Adam who made it), “Go grab a fucking beer or a brew and settle down and watch the summer again!!” I’m just bummed my Apple TV… Continue reading Lucky 13