The Graveyard Trails’ New Generation

2016 was a pretty quiet year at the Graveyard Trails. With some guys traveling, some moving onto other things and some moving away altogether, the place has pretty much been a ghost town ever since the jam back in April. Recently though, some younger kids have discovered the trails and started to get them rolling… Continue reading The Graveyard Trails’ New Generation

Graveyard Trails Jam 2016

Our bud Tyler Trueman brings us this first look at last weekend’s Graveyard Trails Jam. With the jam ripping as hard as it was, I honestly can’t believe he put his bike(s) down long enough to pick up the camera!

Texas Trails Apocalypse

My heart goes out to all the trail builders down in Texas that have been dealing with crazy rains and flooding. The pictures that have been popping up on social media are hard to even look at. The ones above are from Graveyard and 9th Street, but I can tell you that Eastside and Tejano… Continue reading Texas Trails Apocalypse

Graveyard Trail Jam 2015

It’s about time we get a video from the Graveyard Trail Jam! It looks like they were running amazing, especially considering how much they were battling the rain leading up to the jam. Give this edit that Sean Martinez made a watch and then start planning on being there next year!