TwoThousand2019Nineteen Intro

Late last year a teaser for the GroTrails’ “TwoThousand2019Nineteen” DVD began circulating online. Now a year later it looks like a physical version may not materialize, but rather it will be released on Youtube. Here’s the intro, and you can check out the teaser after the jump if you missed it.

Down For Life 2015

Holy hell there are a lot of spots in this new Down For Life edit! Catty, Posh, HVT, and the Grotrails just to name a few! Though I’m extremely jealous of Giovanni Panzani’s travels, this is exactly what I needed to get me through this somehow snowy first day of spring.

GroTrails 2014

I don’t know about you but I’m loving all these edits looking back on 2014 that have been dropping recently. They’re unquestionably what have been helping me get through this period of no riding and ground too frozen to dig. This one from the GroTrails set to Chubby Checker is particularly wonderful!

Dimitris @ GroTrails

Yesterday we got to see Dimitris’ POV of a bunch of sick spots, including the GroTrails with their scary run-ins. Today we get see him boosting these hips from a slightly different angle.

Vince @ Grotrails

I don’t know who Vince is but I sure do like the look of his trails, assuming their his. They’re rad whoever they belong to!

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