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A Modern Take On A Classic Frame: The 2017 GT Fueler

It’s been over twenty years since the original GT Fueler frame made it’s debut as one of just a handful of mid 90s frames that bridged the gap between the era’s flimsy race frames and overbuilt freestyle frames. Having grown up riding in that time period and experiencing first hand the self destruction of a race frame at the trails, frames like the Fueler definitely appealed to me. Something with the longer top tube and geometry of a race frame, but with some design attributes like beefier tubing and thicker dropouts taken from freestyle frames. While I personally opted for…

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Leandro Moreira’s New GT

Leandro Moreira recently put himself together a brand new GT Kachinsky frame loaded up with a slew of parts from Profile. No boring bike check here, just a few shots of the new rig and then a solid two minutes of Leandro shredding the hell out of it. Jump on ahead to 01:32 if you want to skip the park stuff and get right to the Caracas Trails.

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Ty Callais for GT Bikes

Ty is one of those dudes that BMX needs more of! Not only does he absolutely kill it on a bike, but he’s out there putting on contest series to try and get more people stoked on trails. I’m psyched on this new edit he just dropped for GT, and even more psyched to see what he does with the Dig and Destroy Series next year!

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Dave Dillewaard DLSY Frame/Bike Promo

GT has gone and given Dave Dillewaard his very own signature frame and complete bike. Dave takes on every kind of terrain in this promo for the DLSY line, including F.O.D. and Heath Pinter’s trails starting at the 01:29 mark.

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Scanned: Gary Ellis’ Suicide No Hander

This pic of Gary Ellis firing out a suicide no hander at the trails had a lot of people talking. You didn’t see shit like this from top AA pros unless their initials happened to be BF. I’m not exactly sure when this came out, but if I had to guess I’d say like 97-98. It was definitely towards the end of Gary’s career. He went out with a bang, winning a bunch of races and even the NBL Grands. This picture that Keith Mulligan shot for Gary’s Snap interview was the icing on the cake! Take note of the…

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Jason Cousins

I saw this on Prettyshady and was psyched to see those mysterious Oz trails again, but then I noticed something. The dude is riding an ALUMINUM GT Speed Series race bike! Actually I think ripping is a more appropriate word than riding in this case. Well that dude is Jason Cousins and I remember seeing a post on Back Bone that he had started riding “a full on, alloy race bike”. It certainly seems like it’s working for him. I just hope for his sake that it holds together! 

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BMX trails dirt jumping

The Things People Ride

That bad boy above is Bob Haro’s newest project the Ikonix SX1. I don’t know much about it or really care, but it did get me thinking about some of the wild shit I’ve seen people show up at trails with. Thanks to BMXmuseum I was able to find examples of all of them! Follow with me on this journey of things that have made me wonder what the hell people were thinking when they decided to ride these beast.

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