A Modern Take On A Classic Frame: The 2017 GT Fueler

It’s been over twenty years since the original GT Fueler frame made it’s debut as one of just a handful of mid 90s frames that bridged the gap between the era’s flimsy race frames and overbuilt freestyle frames. Having grown up riding in that time period and experiencing first hand the self destruction of a… Continue reading A Modern Take On A Classic Frame: The 2017 GT Fueler

Ty Callais for GT Bikes

Ty is one of those dudes that BMX needs more of! Not only does he absolutely kill it on a bike, but he’s out there putting on contest series to try and get more people stoked on trails. I’m psyched on this new edit he just dropped for GT, and even more psyched to see… Continue reading Ty Callais for GT Bikes

Jason Cousins

I saw this on Prettyshady and was psyched to see those mysterious Oz trails again, but then I noticed something. The dude is riding an ALUMINUM GT Speed Series race bike! Actually I think ripping is a more appropriate word than riding in this case. Well that dude is Jason Cousins and I remember seeing a post… Continue reading Jason Cousins