Heath Pinter Doing Koool Shit

I know envy is on that trusty old list of deadly sins, but I’m seriously envious of what Heath Pinter has going on! Trails, cars, motorcycles, and never having to worry about it being 20 degrees out. Yep, sounds good to me! Doing Koool Shit is a new web series produced by Ian Beaudoux that catches up with people who are indeed doing cool shit. Heath is the subject of the latest episode, and he gives you a look into what he’s up to these days.

Sideways BMX Dirt Jumping With TJ Ellis

I’m not too sure about that title that Crooked World came up with since TJ really only gets sideways once in this. I didn’t feel like coming up with one of my own so I’ll go with it. TJ gets sideways once and then proceeds to do a bunch of other maneuvers in Heath Pinter’s yard. Speaking of Heath Pinter, he makes a cameo in here along with Jared Eberwein.

Review: Compression “Septembre” DVD

From the moment I saw the first trailer for Compression's "Septembre" DVD I knew something special was in the works. This may shock, amaze, or just plain disgust you, but I'm not really that into full length trails videos. Don't get me wrong, there's some awesome ones that have come out, but there's also been quite a few that have turned out to be pretty boring and repetitive. I'm really happy that "Septembre" ended up being in the awesome category. (more...)

Compression “Septembre” DVD Available in the Store

The new Compression “Septembre” DVD has finally made it’s way across the Atlantic and is now available exclusively in the US through the CYDI Store. I’m not trying to get all used car salesman on you, but you NEED this DVD! Imagine 35 minutes of twenty of the best trail riders in the world riding some of the best trails France has to offer. That’s what “Septembre” is, plus another whole hour of bonus footage! We’ll be dropping a full review along with another trailer later this week, but for now just take my word for it that this DVD is awesome! Even more awesome is the fact that Compression will be donating a portion of the proceeds from each DVD to Catty Woods. Get a rad DVD and simultaneously help keep one of the best trail spots in the world going! Can’t go wrong there! You can check out the DVD cover art and a list of where to get it in other countries after the jump. (more…)

Double Dirt Session With Ryan Nyquist

It’s been a while since we posted one of Ryan Nyquist’s “Getting Awesome” episodes. The last few have been lacking in the trails department, but this one makes up for hit. Ryan heads down to SoCal to meet up with people and ride Heath Pinter’s and Stephen Murray’s houses. It’s definitely pretty heavy in the trick department, but I enjoyed it!

A Day in the Life of Heath Pinter

I’m seriously going to take a few minutes today to figure out what I need to do to get my life looking more like this (minus getting taken out by a roller section). I know Heath works a ton so this isn’t a typical day, but damn if I could have one day a week like this I’d be stoked. Hell I’ll take one day a month! Spotted on The Union