Raditudes – Episode 7

I’ve really become a fan of Red Bull’s Raditudes series. I used to skip around and only watch the trails portions of them but over time I’ve found myself watching the whole episode. I guess you could say that I like the vibe of them and how they portray BMX as a whole. This episode starts out at Woodward, moves to Heathens, and then heads west to Dennis Enarson’s backyard. Tommy T was in proper form for the stop at Heathens. I’ve seen plenty of people get pretty close to coming together over a jump but never while one was in the middle of a flip whip. Fucking nuts! Jump to 03:58 to get straight into the woods.

Heathens Mountain Jam 2014 by Elevated Visuals

Troy Zeigler of Elevated Visuals came through with this rocking edit from the Heathens Mountain Jam. I can’t get over the insanity of what when down there. The mix of trails style and X-Games maneuvers is not what you usually see at most jams these days. That’s what you get when you have a set of amazing trails within a stones throw of Woodward! Spotted on The Union

El-Stylo U.S.A. Trip

I’m liking these longer edits that have been dropping lately. Here’s a particularly long one from the Czech guys visit to the US. They did it up hitting trails from Long Island to Pittsburgh, and they even took the time to do some touristy stuff in between. The amount to trails footage in here could have easily been chopped up into four separate edits! I’m glad they did it this way though, as it made for an awesome start to a lazy Sunday.

Heathens Halloween Jam

At first it seemed funny to me that they're having The Heathens Halloween Jam so early in October, but then I remembered how unpredictable the weather is this time of year, and especially in PA. So mark October 5th in your calendars and start planning your costumes out cause this shit is going down!