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A Weekend of Jams!

Lots of stuff for you to get into this weekend if you’re here in The States. On the East Coast (Pennsylvania to be more specific) there’s the Heathens Fall Jam on Saturday, and the Women’s Weekend in the Woods at Catty and Posh on Saturday and Sunday. Don’t fret if you’re on the West Coast though! River Roast 2017 is looking like it’s going to be kicking a lot of ass on Saturday at Milestone MX Park in Riverside, California. No matter where you end up this weekend, have fun, make some new friends and enjoy the ride. Full flyers…

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Heathens Fall Jam

For all of you who didn’t get enough roasting in last month before the rain came and put a damper on the last Heathens’ Jam, come on back out for a rebate on September 30th!

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Flashback: A Very Belgium 2014

I’m so glad that someone suggested this for the flashback post this week because I had totally forgotten how good it was. The MX Trails crew logged some serious miles back in 2014 chasing grooves all over the world. They definitely left their mark on every spot they visited, especially Foerske spinning the shark fin at Catty. That’s still talked about to this day and probably will continue to be for years to come. MADNESS!

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Joseph Nazarak – Beury Patch POV

Cruise along with Joseph Nazarak as he rips around the Beury Patch during last weekend’s Last Call Jam. I do have to call out the tailwhip to crank arm landing though, just because we were joking around about those the other day at the trails. I’m pretty sure I would eat shit if I went cruising through some s-berms with my feet like that!

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A Very Belgium 2014

Well this is fucking awesome! The MX Trails crew were once again on the move hitting up trails from Europe to America and back again. I’m bummed I didn’t get to ride with them this year, but at least they broke out the camera enough to get some rad footage to look at. That crash around the five minute mark is so gnarly!

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Ranch Road Trip

I knew the Sunset Ranch Crew were working on a new edit but I had no idea it would be a full twenty minutes (complete with narration) covering the trails trip they took earlier this year. They hit up Catty, Posh, Heathens, Woodward, and a new one to me, Highland Mountain Bike Park. I’ve always heard that Highland was an awesome place but I always thought that was in regards to big bikes. I had no clue they had a pretty good set of trails there that would be totally rippable on BMX bikes!

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