Farmboy Trails Jam Report

The jam at the Farmboy Trails went down over the weekend despite some seriously ominous weather forecast. Head over to The Heathens page for pictures and a report by Tommy T who somehow managed to become a human roller at the jam.

Heathens Headcam

“Here is a run from the Heathens trails during their anual Mountain Jam. Unfortunately this is the only run I got to film at the trails because as soon as I finished this run a storm blew in. The winds picked up and as everyone fled the trails a tree snapped in half and nearly… Continue reading Heathens Headcam

Heathens Jam Video

Patrick Smith came through with an edit of last weeks Heathens Jam. Bummed I missed out cause those dudes know how to have a good time! Keep your eyes out around 1:23 for one of the wildest looking tailwhip bails I’ve ever seen.

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