Review: The Back Bone Video

Full length BMX DVD releases are becoming fewer and farther between with each passing year, and those with trails in them have become rarer than hen’s teeth. The trails community collectively popped a boner when Back Bone announced that they were going to be releasing a full length DVD. Anyone that knows anything about Back… Continue reading Review: The Back Bone Video

Re-Up: United TRU Frame Promo

This promo for the United TRU frame is still one of my favorite things to come out this year. I loved how it focused on the trail rider/builder mindset rather than the actual product. It even left me stoked on trails, and I’m stoked on trails every day! Definitely worth another watch or two!

D.A.N.E. Jam

Back Bone is throwing their annual D.A.N.E. Jam this weekend to honor the late great Dane Searls. Come on out to the Hillfire Trails on Saturday the 22nd and spend the day taking some laps with friends and remembering a rider whole truly pushed the limits of what is possible on a bike.