Hoppy Trails Jam 2015

The Hoppy Trails are one of those spots that’s on my short list of places that I really want to make it to at some point. There’s just something about its location next to that scenic canal that I’m super into. You can’t really see the canal in this edit from their jam but there’s… Continue reading Hoppy Trails Jam 2015

Hoppy Trails Jam Teaser

The Hoppy Trails Jam happened last weekend so I’m a little late with this teaser. Oh well, it’s still worth checking out! Hopefully we’ll be getting an edit from the jam sometime soon.

Toulouse Summer 2014

Weekends are usually pretty slow when it comes to knew videos, so I totally didn’t expect this one featuring some of the locals from the Lost Trails, Rancho Trails, and the Totem Trails paying a visit to their trail counterparts at La Source and Hoppy. Good times!

Re-Up: Trails Trippin’ Summer 2014

“Trails epitomizes what life is about for me, good people who use their creativity, determination and willpower to make an idea/vision become a reality to then share and enjoy with others, smiles and positive vibes all round. You just don’t get the same atmosphere and appreciation at the skatepark!”

Trails Trippin’ Summer 2014

This is the type of shit that keeps the stoke high around here! Between keeping Woodward looking as good as ever and traveling all over the UK and France, Andrew “Inch” Thomson has had quite the summer. We’re just lucky that he put his bike down long enough to film this! “Trails epitomizes what life… Continue reading Trails Trippin’ Summer 2014

October Trip

Here’s part two of trip a few guys made around France. Part one didn’t have any trails in it so I didn’t feel the need to post it. This part on the other hand has La Source, Hoppy, and even a bit of windsurfing thrown in for good measure.

John and Max’s Excellent Adventure

Ok, I don’t know much about this edit over than the dudes names are John and Max and they went on a nine day road trip hitting ten different spots in two countries. Some of those spots were shit that I haven’t even seen before, include not one but two spots tucked under bridges! Spotted… Continue reading John and Max’s Excellent Adventure