Horto Trails

I swear there’s always a million people at the Horto Trails whenever I come across something from there!

Horto Trails Jam

Easing on into the day with this rad one from the Horto Trails Jam. I’ve always wondered why they have so much carpet there when the dirt looks pretty decent. Maybe the dirt looks better in videos than it is in actuality? I do have to say that the carpet flicking up mid train at… Continue reading Horto Trails Jam

Workin’ With a Monster (Once Again)

I was trolling Instagram and spotted this monster landing they’re working on at the Horto Trails. While I shudder at the thought of shaping and packing that thing, I can’t wait to see it getting roasted. I wonder what’s after it?

1 Day, 2 Trails

Munir El Kadri gets in the double session at Brazil’s Horto and Jacaranda Trails.┬áIt’s always fun to hit up multiple trails in one day. I’m hoping we can get some days like that going around here. Fools just need to get their acts together (Taylor Hayek I’m looking in your direction).