8 Seconds of Kush

Shot out to Kyle Hirschkorn for pointing out that there’s 8 seconds of Hucker riding Kush in this trailer for S&M’s new DVD. I totally missed it when I was skipping through the first time looking for any trails footy. 01:21 is where you’ll find it!

Bicycle Motocross

Red Bull’s new short film “Bicycle Motocross” starring Corey Bohan, Hucker and Leanna Curtis is out and arguably better than the original film that it pays tribute to! Really psyched to see that Snakewoods made it in here!

Bangers and Mash Jam

I was hoping there would be an edit from this year’s Bangers & Mash since I missed the livecast. Not only is there an edit, but there’s a Dylan Pfohl edit! It looks like this years jam was a damn good time for everyone who made it out. How could it not be with Rick… Continue reading Bangers and Mash Jam