Seventeen on a Twenty

The local crew sure did get around this year! Wish I could say the same, but oh well. Drew Ortega managed to condense almost a whole season of trails, traveling and good times from multiple states and spots down into this 16 minute edit. Considering this was kind of a shitty year weather-wise, I’m interested to see just how much more these dudes get around next season. Of course that’s assuming the weather cooperates a bit more.

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Drew Tega – Light Roast

Always stoked when one of our local dudes puts together an edit! I haven’t gotten to ride with Drew as much as I’d like to, but he’s absolutely killing it every time I do!

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43 Minutes of Hush

I’ll be off exploring the backcountry of Oregon for the rest of the day so I’m leaving you with this 43 minute long collection of footage from Hush. Well almost 43 minutes, there’s a little bit of park, photos and b-roll stuff mixed in. Enjoy!

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Texas Trails Apocalypse

My heart goes out to all the trail builders down in Texas that have been dealing with crazy rains and flooding. The pictures that have been popping up on social media are hard to even look at. The ones above are from Graveyard and 9th Street, but I can tell you that Eastside and Tejano aren’t looking much better. I imagine that Red Box, Hush, and Ant Hills also look about the same. As bad as things are, I know the crews down there will get things sorted out and have the trails running better than ever. That’s the thing…

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Hush Trails – Just Cruising

Having been to the Hush Trails here in the US, I was definitely confused when I first saw the screenshot. This is from a set of trails that shared the name but was located in Australia. I say was because they’re unfortunately no more. Tyson Jone-Penni made this back in 2007 when the Hush Trails Down Under were still ripping.

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bmx trails dirtjumping dirtjumping

Hush Trails 2013-2014 Photo Gallery

About a year and a half ago I was lucky enough to get to visit the Hush Trails. Of the 18 hours I was in Austin, the majority of it was spent out there enjoying the abundant lines. Texas Toast brought me to Austin again last year, and all I could think about was making it back out to Hush. Unfortunately Mother Nature had much different plans. Record rainfall had left the trails completely submerged below the river that borders them. I can’t even fathom the amount of work it must have taken to get the place back into ridable…

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