HVT Trails Jam 2018

A jam as sick as the ones that they’re known to throw at the HVT Trails definitely deserves to have an equally sick flyer announcing it. I’d say they nailed it with this one!

Re-Up: The Back Bone Video – Trail Mix Section

Just in case this weekend’s weather has got you down, here’s a little pick-me-up courtesy of the fine folks at Back Bone!

The Back Bone Video – Trail Mix Section

What a pleasure it was to wake up this morning and the first thing that I see is that the crown jewel of The Backbone Video is finally online. Watch it, get stoked, tell your boss you can’t make it in today, and then go lay some tracks down somewhere!

Raw Sewage

Buried in these twelve minutes of raw footage from the Australia’s Sewerside Crew is about two minutes of video from the HVT and the Adelaide City Trails. You’ll find it at 03:14 and 08:11!

Down For Life 2015

Holy hell there are a lot of spots in this new Down For Life edit! Catty, Posh, HVT, and the Grotrails just to name a few! Though I’m extremely jealous of Giovanni Panzani’s travels, this is exactly what I needed to get me through this somehow snowy first day of spring.

HVT Jam Week 2016

Keeping this kick ass Monday morning going is this 13 minute long edit from Josh Cernotta of the week around HVT Jam. I would have taken his advice to grab a cold one before I watched it, but it’s still a little bit early here for that. I guess I could have done a bloody… Continue reading HVT Jam Week 2016

HVT Jam 2016

The annual HVT Trails jam is always a good time, and this year’s shindig appears to have kept that tradition going. I’m loving all these longer videos that we’ve been getting lately, especially when it comes to jam edits. It gives you the chance to really see all that you missed out on!