Paying My Respects To Chertsey

Last night I started seeing rumors floating around social media that the legendary trails that are Chertsey were no more. There seemed to be some disagreement as to whether they were already gone or not so I wanted to hold off on posting anything until I actually saw something about it from a local. That… Continue reading Paying My Respects To Chertsey

Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

I already had something picked out for this week’s flashback, then Joe had to go and mess up those plans by posting this gem on Veloup. I really hope one day he does eventually upload all the Prettyshady stuff with some words about each section. I can’t even believe that it’s seriously been a decade… Continue reading Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

Decoy Jam 2014

Never in a million years did I ever think that I’d be watching a trails edit with a Salt-N-Pepa soundtrack! I’m not going to bullshit you, I got instantly hyped up as soon as I heard that first “heeeeyyyyyy, yeah.” To tell you the truth, the song worked perfectly with the vibe of this year’s… Continue reading Decoy Jam 2014