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9th Street Trails Community Dig Day

There’s a community dig day going down at the 9th Street Trails this coming Sunday, (1/29). If you’re going to be anywhere near Austin this weekend, please consider being there to help throw some shovels and get the place dialed in. News and James Stevens’ pic of Roey lifted from our friends at Mutiny. Hit the jump for the flyer with all the info!

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Flashback: Chase Hawk @ Eastside

Eastside pops into my head every time I see something on the news about the flooding down in Texas. I realize a lot of other trails down there are dealing with the same thing, but I can actually picture the damage at Eastside because the first time I ever went there was right after a flood. I’ve had this old Chase Hawk edit that James Stevens made chillen in my bookmarks for quite some time now. It’s cool to look back and see how much the trails have grown since then. I can only imagine how much they’ll probably grow…

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Graveyard Jam Pics

Make your way over to James Stevens’ site for a grip of pics that he shot at yesterday’s jam at Graveyard. Looks like the turnout was huge and the stoke level was extra high. I can’t wait to see some footage from it!

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