“Coldwater Flight” (2014)

It’s pretty much a guarantee that when Elliot Van Orman puts out a new film it’s going to be epic. Notice I said film and not edit or video, cause that’s what this is. An eleven minute look into the sessions that routinely go down at the Ball Compound. You’re going to enjoy this one… Continue reading “Coldwater Flight” (2014)

Jared Ball Bike Check

Jared Ball is rocking one of Deluxe’s 2014 Pa Model frames and you can check it out over on their site. While the big monster truck tire is impressive, I’m even more impressed that Jared was actually able to find a Dirt Monster.

Can You Dig It X Shape Bicycles Jared Ball Edit

We teamed up with Shape Bicycles to bring you this exclusive Jared Ball edit. I’ve heard a lot about Jared over the years but have never really seen much footage. This edit of him at his home trails certainly doesn’t¬†disappoint,¬†and his brother Jeremy even makes a special guest appearance. Enjoy!

Introducing: Shape Bicycles

I don’t remember how I came upon it but last spring I stumbled across a stem that I had never seen before from a company that I had never heard of. I eventually found my way to their site and to my surprise there was a whole line of products that were geared towards the… Continue reading Introducing: Shape Bicycles

2012 BMX Flow

There have been a lot of “highlight” videos popping up lately with it being a new year and all, but this is the first one that really grabbed my attention. Elliot Van Orman put this together from the various projects he worked on last year. The edit came out great and even though I’ve seen… Continue reading 2012 BMX Flow