Jäunt X Deluxe – Adventure Down Under

Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny and Deluxe’s Mark Potoczny pretty much stay on the move exploring the world. Their latest trip overseas landed them in what is quickly becoming quite the hot BMX travel spot, New Zealand. Hit play and join them on their adventure as they take in and experience the trails, parks, and beauty the… Continue reading Jäunt X Deluxe – Adventure Down Under

Jäunt Headlamps and Shades

Jäunt continues to expand their product range with the latest offerings being headlamps and shades. The headlamp has 5 LEDs and is bright as fuck! I know this because I made the mistake of looking directly into it when I was checking it out. Maybe I should have put on a pair of their O.G.… Continue reading Jäunt Headlamps and Shades

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New Jäunt Website and Tom Dillon Edit

Jäunt just launched a brand new website and released this edit of Tom Dillon’s New Zealand trip to go with it. There isn’t any trails in it, but WOW, what an adventure! Peep the edit and then check out the new Jäunt site.

Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny

A couple of months ago I started to see something called Jäunt popping up in my feeds. I was immediately drawn in by the clean logo and wanted to find out who or what exactly Jäunt was. To my surprise it was a new clothing brand headed up by none other than Mike Potoczny. For… Continue reading Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny