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Jäunt Headlamps and Shades

Jäunt continues to expand their product range with the latest offerings being headlamps and shades. The headlamp has 5 LEDs and is bright as fuck! I know this because I made the mistake of looking directly into it when I was checking it out. Maybe I should have put on a pair of their O.G. Shades before I did that. Their UV protection lenses would probably have kept me from seeing spots for the next hour. The shades retail for $9 and are available in black and red. The headlamp runs on three aaa batteries and retails for just $12. I have a different 5 LED headlamp that I bought a while back to use for night digging that cost three times as much as this one from Jäunt and isn't nearly as bright. Both the shades and the headlamps are available now, and we even have them for sale in the CYDI Store.

Free Shipping on Jäunt Beanies

Snow is something I certainly wasn't expecting to wake up to this morning. I guess I was under the false assumption that we were done with winter. When I threw my Jäunt beanie on this morning it reminded me that we still have a few left in the store. Get at it if you want one because we are offering the same FREE SHIPPING deal on them that we are offering on the Vinyl "LP" DVD (which we just got a fresh shipment of). Head over to the Can You Dig It Store to take advantage of it.

Interview: Jäunt’s Mike Potoczny

A couple of months ago I started to see something called Jäunt popping up in my feeds. I was immediately drawn in by the clean logo and wanted to find out who or what exactly Jäunt was. To my surprise it was a new clothing brand headed up by none other than Mike Potoczny. For those not familiar with Mike, he's quite the radical dude! He's one of the nicest people you will ever meet and he kills it on a bike. The first time I ever met him was at one of the Welcome Jams a few years back. I was walking around checking out the lines and he came up to introduce himself and thank me for coming out. I'm not sure why that stood out so much to me, but it did and it left a resounding first impression. Over the years I've gotten to know Mike, and he's become one of my favorite people to ride and hang with. He just graduated college and has dove head first into creating this new brand. I was pretty curious about Jäunt so I shot a few questions over to him to find out more and to get some insight into his new venture. On a side note I couldn't remember what his degree was in so I sent him a text. His response, "History Pimping. Pimping all the hot historical chicks. Give me Cleopatra." Mike rules! Check out the interview after the jump. (more...)