United X Bicycle Union – Prime Mover Frame Promo

Looks like I have another frame to add to the ol’ 2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide! United and Bicycle Union have a history of collaborating together on some rad stuff, the latest being the new “Prime Mover” frame. Slim tubing, classic geometry, Skeletor on the graphics, and includes a Bicycle Union top tube pad; sounds… Continue reading United X Bicycle Union – Prime Mover Frame Promo

PA Woods 2015 Web Video #3

Janis has made quite a return to video making with these last few PA Woods edits. This third and final one of the year is my personal favorite because it really conveys the sense of not just how much fun riding trails is, but also how much fun it is just being in the woods… Continue reading PA Woods 2015 Web Video #3

Epsom Trails 2014

I love waking up and finding stuff like this in my inbox. Epsom is very high on the list of places that I want to visit one day. It looks like an absolute blast to ride and the crew of guys out there keeping the place rolling are legendary. 2014 may have started off a… Continue reading Epsom Trails 2014

United Trails Frame?

Jimmy Rushmore is testing out a sample of the new trails frame that United is working on. I couldn’t think of a person on their team capable of giving it a more proper thrashing. I’m not at liberty to divulge too much info on the new frame just yet, but I can tell you that… Continue reading United Trails Frame?