Re-Up: A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

We’re headed off to Jersey to check out the supercross race so I’m leaving you with Elliot Woodhouse’s 30 minute UK trails masterpiece for the day. Give it another watch and then go build something rad this weekend!

A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

Do yourself a favor and round up some friends, grab some beers and then figure out a way to watch this on your tv, because this 30 minute UK trails edit from Elliot Woodhouse deserves to be watched on the big screen and in good company! This is seriously like a who’s who and where’s… Continue reading A Little Dirt Never Hurt!

UK BMX Dirt Series – Behind the Scenes at Jason Aliano’s Trails

With the first round of the UK BMX Dirt Series only being about a month and a half off, the builders are busy getting things dialed in at the host trails. Event organizer Craig Teague drops by the site of the first round, Jason Aliano’s trails to check on the progress and take you through… Continue reading UK BMX Dirt Series – Behind the Scenes at Jason Aliano’s Trails

Green Acres Trail Jam

I was saying just yesterday that I couldn’t wait to see a video from Kye Forte’s Green Acres Trail Jam. Ask and you shall receive because waiting for me in my inbox this morning was this edit from David Guest. The jam looked like an absolute blast! I mean how can you go wrong with… Continue reading Green Acres Trail Jam