Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Villa Road’s highly anticipated 2017 wrap-up video is here, and man it’s a doozy! On top of the expected clips from Woodyard, there’s also footage from Leatherhead and the crew’s trip to New Zealand. For a most radical viewing experience, grab yourself a beer, settle in on the couch and watch this on your TV… Continue reading Villa Road – Same Bloody Place

Dane Searls Memorial Jam 2015

For the fourth time riders from all over Australia came together to remember the legendary Dane Searls. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four years. Dane had such a lasting impact on BMX that it seems like just yesterday that we were all still in awe over Giant’s of Dirt. Even with the… Continue reading Dane Searls Memorial Jam 2015

Joe Simpson Bike Check

S&M’s recently Joe Simpson put himself together a fresh new C.C.R. build, and they were so kind to put together the above bike check since most of us aren’t going to have the chance to see it ripping around New Zealand in person. Dude has one serious cable holding apparatus on that rig! Want to… Continue reading Joe Simpson Bike Check