Matt Cordova – FOD Trails Super8

Even though we now live in a world of crystal clear 4k footage, grainy Super8 footage will always hold a special place in my heart. Matt Cordova broke out his 1978 Bell and Howell Super8 camera to capture session down at the FOD trails and this resulting edit is pure nostalgic magic!

MGM 2016

Don’t let the first 39 seconds of portrait footage scare you off from this look back on the 2016 season at Minnesota’s MGM Trails. The camera eventually gets turned the right way and things really start to rip. It even looks like Mr. Steez That Whip himself paid them a visit!

Standard Does Denver

This video from the Standard Crew’s trip from Iowa to Colorado is mostly park and street, BUT we do get around 40 seconds of dirt footage from two Colorado bike parks. Jump to the 01:17 mark to get right into it and watch Joey Cordova steez that whip!

Matt Cordova & Larry Edgar & Joey Cordova & Nathan Sykes at FOD

Oh shit! The Ride dudes left the comfort of the office and the familiarity of the streets and made it up to FOD to shoot a session. Steezy C and Nathan Sykes didn’t get any love in their title, but I held them down in mine. That kickout look back thing that Larry did definitely… Continue reading Matt Cordova & Larry Edgar & Joey Cordova & Nathan Sykes at FOD

Steezus & Matt Cordova

Crooked World caught up with Steezus and Matt Cordova for a little session at F.O.D. I have no idea what the music choice was about. At first I thought maybe they were going for a Halloween thing, but I was more so expecting a shark or possibly a sharknado to pop up at any minute.

Getting Ready For Red Bull Dreamline

The anticipation for Red Bull’s Dreamline has been steadily building as we’ve been getting closer to showtime. Riders are starting to trickle into Asheville as we speak and soon they’ll get to see what Adam Aloise and his crew have waiting for them. Red Bull just dropped this video with some of the invited riders… Continue reading Getting Ready For Red Bull Dreamline

Raditudes – Episode 5

This very well may be my favorite episode of Raditudes yet. The F.O.D. Trails section that Navaz put together for it is absolutely amazing. I love the East Coast but this definitely has me missing those Cali sunset sessions. The episode starts off with Anthony at that crazy SMP Park in China and Hucker skydiving… Continue reading Raditudes – Episode 5

Bangers and Mash Jam

I was hoping there would be an edit from this year’s Bangers & Mash since I missed the livecast. Not only is there an edit, but there’s a Dylan Pfohl edit! It looks like this years jam was a damn good time for everyone who made it out. How could it not be with Rick… Continue reading Bangers and Mash Jam