Joey Gough 2014

I think it’s a little early for a year end edit but I guess Joey Gough is calling it. Here’s a look back at all of the stuff she got into in 2014. Something tells me that she may have to add onto this video by the time January 1st gets here.

Joey Gough Kills the Line!

Unfortunately Joey wasn’t able to ride in Kill the Line due to the airline delaying her bike (been there), but luckily it showed up in time for her to get some laps in before she headed home.

A Day at The Land

It’s about time that we got a new video from Joey Gough. This freshie is from the trails that she calls her own. I absolutely love all the moss and greenery they have going back there.


Another sweet POV brought to us by Joey Gough. This time it’s of a few runs through the G.Y.P.O Trails, which are looking real good this year. I’m especially a fan of how they run both directions so that you end up back where you started.

C&K’s Backyard – Drift Cam

I never get tired of seeing the C&K track! Maybe one day I’ll get the change to rip around it, but for now I’ll just have to settle for this POV video courtesy of Joey Gough.

Dawn Of The Shred

Whoa this is crazy! I’ve never seen a zombie trails video and certainly not an interactive Dawn Of The Dead inspired zombie trails video! You’re absolutely going to want to check this one out! Click HERE to begin your zombie trails adventure!