Continental Trails Work Day

I think some evil genius created this video just for people like John Lee. Rather than putting the digging footage at the start, they opted to get it going with a bit of riding before moving into all the trail grooming footage that John so loves. If there’s one thing John Lee loves more than a good stovepipe, it’s footage of people dialing in trails.

Classic 7-11 Trails Session

Well this a treat! Nine minutes of classic footage from the 7-11 Trails. I’ve always regretted that I never got to ride there. They were definitely ahead of their time and had an amazing crew of locals. Here are some key points from this video.

-Punjab has been ruled for a long time
-Van’s bike sounds like a bag of nails
-The world needs more Ronnie Gaska footage
-Some of those sections are tight as hell
-Where’s Robbo?