2016 NY Grands

And if making the journey up to Canada for the Brose Farm Jam seems a bit too far, the 2016 NY Grands are also going on this weekend. You could also be a boss and hit the Brose Jam on Saturday and then the NY Grands on Sunday, just saying! More info after the jump.

Pauly Cvikevich in Slow Motion

Jon Lynn sent through this quick slowmo video that he put together of Pauly Cvikevich styling through Keyko. I can honestly say that I actually don’t mind this slowmo vid; I’d even go as far as to say I like it!

DIG – Does A Broken Planet Equal Better Trails?

Keith Terra has a piece up on DIG discussing whether or not a broken planet (pertaining to the seasons) makes for better trails. Without jacking their piece and going off on my own tangent about it, I’ll register my two cents with a simple “No.” Head on over to DIG for Terra’s take on the… Continue reading DIG – Does A Broken Planet Equal Better Trails?

Catty Woods Explained?

A very Blair Witch-esque video from Jon Lynn, AKA City Boy revealing the possible explanation/origin of the woods known as Catty.

Another Keyko Edit!

I know that they’ve been saying that we were going to have a warmer than usual winter here in the Northeast, but I would have never guessed that would mean that trails on Long Island would still be running in December! The Keyko Crew were back out at the trails on Saturday taking advantage of… Continue reading Another Keyko Edit!