Jonny Mackellar – Welcome to S&M Bikes

What more can I say about Jonny that I haven’t said already? There’s nobody out there more BMX than he is, and nobody more deserving of a spot on the S&M squad than him. It should go without saying that Jonny slays it in his Welcome to S&M edit, but I can’t go without mentioning… Continue reading Jonny Mackellar – Welcome to S&M Bikes

Jonny Mackellar On S&M Bikes

Fuck yeah! Jonny Mackellar is now officially rocking the S&M Shield through Australia’s BMX International distro. I’m not going to lie, I always kind of thought Jonny was on S&M anyway. You’d really be hard pressed to find anyone who better embodies the brand’s image. Anyway, congrats to Jonny and to S&M!

Tempered – Vegetable Television: Jonny Mackellar B-Roll

Tempered’s “Vegetable Television” is their spot to unload all their b-roll, alternate angles and unused clips. This one right here just so happens to be all of the leftovers from Jonny Mackellar’s welcome to the team edit that came out a couple months ago. Give it a watch and then refresh yourself with what did… Continue reading Tempered – Vegetable Television: Jonny Mackellar B-Roll

S&M – Hella Hoe Down Trip

S&M’s Australian squad consisting of Will Gunn, Tom Boorman, Bevan Cowan, Xave Koen and Jonny Mackellar hit the road for a trip around New South Wales and the A.C.T. There’s a bit of everything in here but it’s definitely pretty heavy on the trails roastage, and worth watching even the non-trails parts. You can also… Continue reading S&M – Hella Hoe Down Trip

The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016

My apologies for the delay! Maybe one day I’ll finally realize that I need to start the whole process of picking these out well before the end of the year rolls around. I thought I’d be able to hammer it out right at the beginning of January, but between traveling and being busy with a… Continue reading The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016

Snakewoods Trails 2015

It doesn’t matter that this footage is two years old; whether it was shot yesterday or years back, any footage from Snakewoods is guaranteed to be a treat! I’m actually glad that Nitai Whitehurst just got around to making an edit out of this because it made for a damn fine start to the week.