Building The Underground – Justin Inman

Snakebite coming through with more goodness from Building the Underground! This time we get Justin Inman’s legendary part, complete with that infamous table snap. I still get as much of a kick out of those meth riddled tweakers in the beginning of Justin’s part now as I did the first time I saw it a… Continue reading Building The Underground – Justin Inman

Inman / Aitken / Porras – Holy Fit

Here’s a good one from Holy Fit; the split section featuring Justin Inman, Mike Aitken and Christian Porras. These dudes ride everything in here so if you only want to see them riding trails 00:29, 01:51 and 03:19 are the digits you’ll want to know. That first 360 that Inman does looks so wild!

Motocross International – The Party 35

Japanese distro Motocross International celebrated their 35th birthday with an event that brought racers, dirt jumpers, bmx icons, and locals together for two days of fun. Kris Fox, Justin Inman and others boosted the jumps while racers kept it low on the race course right beside them. Steve Crandall was even creeping around shooting photos.… Continue reading Motocross International – The Party 35

Building the Underground – Mix 2

There’s no way I could hold off until Friday to post this! It has to have been at least ten years since I last saw Building the Underground. I remember watching it for the first time and being blown away that the Pacific Northwest had a trail scene very similar to what we had going… Continue reading Building the Underground – Mix 2