Flashback: Original Posh Trails 1991 Tabletop Session

This week’s flashback is another gem from way back in 1991. These tabletops and roller dubs were what came to mind when I heard the name Posh growing up. My friends and I shared a copy of an East Coast Destruction video, and a good 60 percent of the video was comprised of these very same guys riding these very same woods. This spot isn’t the same Posh that we think of today, rather it was located not far away on the other side of the neighborhood. Watching people ride “Old” Posh in that shared ECD video was so influential…

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Original Posh Trails Section from ECD’s “Death is Near”

I figured this would be a perfect throwback thursday post to compliment that story I wrote about my first time at Posh. The original Posh was located on the other side of the neighborhood that the current one is in. If I remember right, it got plowed and “New Posh” was born just blocks away. Don’t quote me on that though because maybe some stuff had already been started at the current location. Anyway, I always make it a point check out the old spot on my way to the current Posh because at one point some kids had rebuilt…

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Story Time: How I Found Posh & Drexelbrook

Last week we had an incident where the google¬†aerial view and coordinates of our trails were posted on Facebook by some cyclocross guys. Our trails aren’t exactly top secret or anything but we do try to limit who all knows their location. Mainly it’s to not raise the attention of anyone living in the surrounding neighborhood. See our trails are located in what you might call the hood. The last thing we need is a bunch of ghetto kids realizing that there are large mounds of dirt for them to run up and down on just blocks away from their…

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