Introducing The Speed Shop!

We’ve been working on this for a while but now it’s finally time to make an official announcement. The CYDI Store is now the CYDI Speed Shop! On top of it being the place to find the stuff we make, it’s also stocked with a curated selection parts to keep your bike dialed in, from… Continue reading Introducing The Speed Shop!

Chris Doyle’s Finest Moments On Dirt

Kink threw together a collection of what they consider Chris Doyle’s “finest moments on dirt” since he’s been on the team. Good stuff in here for sure, but that 720 he did in Anthem II over the big jump at Potoczny’s needs to be in here!

New Kink Mudrunner Colors

It’s that time where we see manufacturers giving their products a little facelift for the upcoming model year. For the Kink Mudrunner frame that facelift comes in the way of two new colors, Trans Black and Tan, and Chad Osburn’s signature Matte Trans Copper. The Mudrunner’s geometry remains the same and you can also still… Continue reading New Kink Mudrunner Colors

2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

We as trail riders have a slight tendency to ride frames and parts a lot longer than we really should. It’s nothing for someone to show up in the woods still rocking a frame with an American bottom bracket and press fit headset, (Shawn Shoener, I’m looking in your direction). The thing about it is… Continue reading 2016 Trails Frame Buyers Guide

Chris Doyle – Kink Intervention Section

I saw Chris Doyle’s section from Kink’s Intervention video floating around other sites today and totally blanked on it having trails in it. Sorry D-Man! Hit play and you’re instantly treated to a run that only Chris could put together through Monroeville’s Chicane line.

Kink – Intervention

There’s been a ton of hype and leading up to Kink’s latest full length release, Intervention. Perhaps you caught the livestream premiere over the weekend. I was assuming that Doyle’s part would be the only speck of trails in it so I didn’t make it a priority to catch it on that first go around;… Continue reading Kink – Intervention

Kink – Chris Doyle Signature Trans Black Mudrunner Frame Available Now

Chris Doyle let the world know that his signature trans black Kink Mudrunner colorway is available now with this pic he posted on Instagram this morning. I think we’re all pretty familiar with the Mudrunner by now, but by all means make your way over to Kink’s site for all the details and specs if… Continue reading Kink – Chris Doyle Signature Trans Black Mudrunner Frame Available Now

Trans Red Kink Mudrunner Frames Available Now

That trans red colorway of Kink’s Mudrunner frame that they showed off a couple of months back is now available at your favorite retailer of Kink goods. Need help finding one close to you? Hit up their dealer locator HERE.