Kris Bennett Now Owns Deluxe!

The cat is finally out of the bag! Kris Bennett along with Justin and Roth Desko are the new owners of Deluxe. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where they take the company. Check out what Mark Noble had to say about Deluxe's new chapter below.

"I’ve got some big news regarding Deluxe today, which we can finally announce: as some of you in the industry may already know, I have a relatively new job at CSG UK as their BMX category manager, which is a big deal and is going extremely well – working with great people, on great brands, with plenty of varied challenges to do there. However it’s impossible to work on CSG BMX and work on Deluxe at the same time, to really give Deluxe the attention and love it deserves. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, after three months working on a plan and talking to various people and options, I have found safe hands for Deluxe – people who want to develop the products, work with all the existing team riders, help evolve the company, and really invest quality time and care into it. Three American riders are going to be taking Deluxe to the next level – and namely they are: Justin Desko and Roth Desko, and Kris Bennett. Justin rides with Jeremy Ball all the time and has ridden a Deluxe frame for years, Roth resides in CA and rides there, and of course Kris Bennett should really need no introduction. They’re also sound businessmen and so from that aspect, they’re keen to make Deluxe a real success. Deluxe is truly in safe hands, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped get us to this point – the team riders past and present, the designers, the graphic designers, photographers, artists and videographers, the manufacturers of our parts and frames, the distributors worldwide, the bike shops out there, and anyone who has bought a Deluxe product and ridden it. The brand new era for Deluxe starts now, with Justin Desko, Roth Desko, and Kris Bennett taking the reigns. –Mark Noble"

Old Formatiks Video

Ok, the video quality blows but there’s some damn fine riding in here. For those of you who don’t know, Formatiks was Brandan “Punjab” Pundai’s company back in the early to mid 2000′s. This was a promo for a video that was supposed to come out. As far as I know it never did so this is all that we are left with. Thanks to Tom for putting me onto this one!

Kris Bennett Props Interview

What better way to get into the “Throwback Thursday” game than with Kris Bennett’s interview from Props Issue 14. To this day this interview still pops into my head from time to time. Probably because I watched it 100+ times growing up. Kris was pretty much the boss of all bosses back then, and I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t admire his riding. Hell, I still get excited when pictures of him riding pop up! Sorry to anybody trying to watch this on an iOS device, the player is flash based.

Memphis MTV Sports & Music Festival

Fourteen years later I’m still kicking myself in the ass for not going to this. If I remember right I had the choice to either go to a race with one of my roommates or to go with the other to Memphis to check this out.  Of course he comes back saying awesome it was and that I had missed out, but it wasn’t until Props 29 came out that I realized just how bad I had fucked up. Pretty much a who’s who of late 90s dirt jumping not only shredding an unbelievable (for the time) dirt set up, but also hitting up an awesome looking downhill street course.