Kush – Evening Laps

Kush footage is always a treat because there’s not that much of it. I’m very grateful that the locals decided to put down their shovels long enough to film some evening POV laps!

Kush Campout

It’s always a treat to see a new one from the woods known as Kush. Luke and the boys do incredible work, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make it up there and check it out first hand.

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Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn

I don’t know what exactly it is about the Kush Trails. Photos from there just have a certain aura to them. I always love when new ones come our way and this week Kyle Hirschkorn was nice enough to send us enough to put together a brand new gallery. Hit the jump button, put the… Continue reading Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn

Life’s Hard – Summer Daze – Vol 2

Volume 2 in the Life’s Hard – Summer Daze series is very much like Volume 1 in that it features a ton of ass kicking Northwest riding. I love how the trails up there all have that perfectly damp and mossy look!

Kush Summer Daze

Seven minutes of footage from the Kush Trails, yes please! Henry de Salengre sent over this laid back edit that he put together from three days at Kush. It looks like Summer has been treating them right up there in BC! If you missed Henry’s Kush gallery that we posted a while back then give… Continue reading Kush Summer Daze

Kush Trails Multicultural Train Derailment

Now that’s one hell of a title! The other week we posted a gallery giving you a look at the Kush trails up in Canada. Here’s a short video from Kush that lets you see how those beautiful lines all flow together.

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