8 Seconds of Kush

Shot out to Kyle Hirschkorn for pointing out that there’s 8 seconds of Hucker riding Kush in this trailer for S&M’s new DVD. I totally missed it when I was skipping through the first time looking for any trails footy. 01:21 is where you’ll find it!

Life’s Hard Volume 3

I’m glad to see that Kyle Hirschkorn is back with another in the Life’s Hard series. It’s been a couple of years since the last one came out, but this one keeps the same tradition of featuring some kick ass riding from the NW. Jimmy F’n Levan even makes an appearance!

Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn

I don’t know what exactly it is about the Kush Trails. Photos from there just have a certain aura to them. I always love when new ones come our way and this week Kyle Hirschkorn was nice enough to send us enough to put together a brand new gallery. Hit the jump button, put the… Continue reading Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn