La Source Jam 2017

The annual jam at La Source is always one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year is no different, and September will see people from all around the world descending on the French countryside for two days or riding, grilling, music, craft beer and photo exhibits. Contact Jems through the email on… Continue reading La Source Jam 2017

La Source Winterizing

We had to get creative with some strategically place campfires to dry out some trouble spots, but a week ago we were amazingly able to squeeze in one last session at my spot. The following week of rain and cold cemented the fact that it was indeed the final hurrah of 2014. Now everything is… Continue reading La Source Winterizing

10th Annual La Source Jam

Dig is killing it with trail content this week. The latest thing I’ve come across is a great article on La Source’s 10th annual jam. Mixed in amongst the write up by Dan Closser and trail facts by Jems are some amazing pictures by Vince Perraud. Check it out HERE!

John and Max’s Excellent Adventure

Ok, I don’t know much about this edit over than the dudes names are John and Max and they went on a nine day road trip hitting ten different spots in two countries. Some of those spots were shit that I haven’t even seen before, include not one but two spots tucked under bridges! Spotted… Continue reading John and Max’s Excellent Adventure