Fit Van Homan Stem

I can say without a single doubt that A LOT of you are going to be stoked on Van Homan’s new signature stem from Fit. Putting that completely badass Little Devilized Fit logo aside for a moment, it’s just a damn good looking stem. Classic, clean and somewhat reminiscent of the OG S&M Enduro stem… Continue reading Fit Van Homan Stem

BF Down

Super bummed to find out that Brian Foster went down at the Little Devil Jam and wound up breaking his foot. Screws are going in next week, and with some luck he may be healed up in time to catch some fall laps. Make sure you send him some love via Instagram!

Little Devil Web Store

The Little Devil web store is open for business! You can pick up these six classic designs as well as stickers right now!

Story Time: How I Found Posh & Drexelbrook

Last week we had an incident where the google¬†aerial view and coordinates of our trails were posted on Facebook by some cyclocross guys. Our trails aren’t exactly top secret or anything but we do try to limit who all knows their location. Mainly it’s to not raise the attention of anyone living in the surrounding… Continue reading Story Time: How I Found Posh & Drexelbrook

“Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday! “This 15 year old Seek & Destroy commercial was released in the fall of ’98 and distributed to bike shops on VHS. It also ran in an issue of Props video magazine, but hasn’t seen the light of day since then. We re-released it on the internet… Continue reading “Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo