Joan Balmaña – Welcome to Flybikes x 360 Bicycles

This sure did put a smile on my face! Who knew that a remake of the song from Willy Wonka and trail riding could go so well together? Honestly though, Joan Balmaña riding Lloret would go well with just about any soundtrack behind it. Joan has been on Fly through 360 bicycles for a few… Continue reading Joan Balmaña – Welcome to Flybikes x 360 Bicycles

Tables in Catalonia – Trailer

I thought I was going crazy for a second when I came across this trailer for GetaBMX’s “Tables in Catalonia”. The reason being because I could have sworn I posted the first part of the series a couple of weeks ago. A little search bar action revealed that I had indeed posted it but the… Continue reading Tables in Catalonia – Trailer

Re-Up: Joan Balmaña @ Lloret

Joan Balmaña is one bad mother (Shut your mouth!). Seriously though, I hope to see a lot more from this dude now that he’s getting helped out by Fly. This edit from GetaBMX of him KILLING the Lloret trails was way too good not to bump back up to the top of the page!