A Very GetaBMX Loosefest 2016 Edit

This is WAY more freeridey than what I usually post, but f*ck it, I’m psyched on Milan’s edit from Loosefest. On one hand I think it would be a blast to be getting whipped out on jumps this big, on the other I think it would completely ruin normal sized jumps for you.

Loosefest POV

Fulfilling my POV quota for the day is this video onboard with Sem Kok as he cruises down the course at Loosefest. While now as crazy as the course for the big bikes, it is a bit of a departure from most dirt jumping set ups.

Loosefest Highlights

Now normally I wouldn’t post something that’s this heavy on the big bikes, but this is wild. I don’t know exactly how long the jumps are but let’s just say they look big even when the motocross guys are hitting them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an event where bikes and motorcycles shared the… Continue reading Loosefest Highlights