Cave Dwellers – BITTERFOOLS!

I’m honestly surprised there haven’t been more Mega Cavern edits. There was a period for a month or so that I couldn’t look at Instagram and not come across pics of people down there checking it out. The edit above is the result of the pilgrimage Jamie Thayer, Dillion Thayer, Brian Bostwick, Ryan Poeppe, and… Continue reading Cave Dwellers – BITTERFOOLS!

Mega Underground Bike Park Now Open!

On Monday the Mega Underground Bike Park at Louisville Mega Cavern officially opened their doors. Riding 10 stories underground in a place that maintains a constant 60 degree temperature probably sounds pretty good right about now if like me you’re also feeling the effects of this Arctic Blast. You can find all the info you… Continue reading Mega Underground Bike Park Now Open!

More from the Cave Trails!

The Powers Bike Shop crew got the chance to check out the new¬†Louisville Mega Cavern¬†jumps a few weeks back and they did a little filming while they were down there. This place has a lot of people talking and I foresee some trips to Louisville getting added to more than a few agendas this winter.… Continue reading More from the Cave Trails!

Trails in a Cave!

I was skeptical when I heard rumors a few months back of an underground bike park supposedly opening sometime soon in Louisville, Kentucky. Rumors of planned underground parks have popped up before and they’ve never actually materialized. Well it looks like the one in Louisville Mega Cavern is not only going to happen but is… Continue reading Trails in a Cave!