LynnWood Scraps

This video may be titled “LynnWood Scraps” but there is nothing scrappy about it. It’s a solid two minutes of footage from an amazing spot that is no longer with us. I really wish I could have ridden this place.

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Kagen Doyle

Kagen Doyle’s Diamondback edit is definitely a little more street heavy than things that normally get posted here. Here’s the thing though. There are clips of Lynnwood peppered throughout all that street madness. Unfortunately it’s more than likely the last unseen footage that we’ll ever see from there.

LynnWood Kryp Lip Redo

I really like seeing these time lapses of shit getting built. It’s interesting to watch other people’s techniques and to see how they bring everything together. Here’s one of Dan Closser redoing a lip from start to first track.

Dan Closser: Lynnwood R.I.P

“The times we have in the woods with our tools, bikes, and friends are sacred. Here is to the Lynnwood Crew, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Much love…” -DRC RIP Lynnwood Via S&M

Lynnwood Trails RIP

You know it’s kind of crazy the amount of time and work we put into spots knowing that any day the wrong person could stumble across them and it all be over. Unfortunately the hammer fell on the Lynnwood trails earlier this Fall, and just like that another legendary set of trails was gone. Here’s… Continue reading Lynnwood Trails RIP

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