Flashback: Fort Wayne Scene Report 1994

As crazy as it is to think about now, Fort Wayne, Indiana was at the top of the list of places I wanted to live back when I was in high school. The motley crew of dudes who ended up calling that place home during that time is directly to blame for that. The videos… Continue reading Flashback: Fort Wayne Scene Report 1994

Gilly Interview

Here’s another gem I dug up while exploring Dig’s new site. Brian Barnhart hit up Gilly with some questions revolving around his time in Bethlehem being one of the main builders at Posh. I first went to Posh right before Gilly moved there and seeing the place transform after he did was pretty amazing. Give… Continue reading Gilly Interview

Standpoint 4 Trail Section

Standpoint 4 Small Brown Bike Soundcheck. A big thanks goes out to Ryan Navazio for letting us upload this awesome trail section from his past Standpoint Video Series. Featuring some classic trail riders, ripping some classic trails on the East Coast.

Red Bull Dirt Conquers

Dave King, Clint Reynolds, and Gilly are down in Guadalajara Mexico working on this wild course for the Red Bull Conquers event that’s going down at the end of the month. That’s one ambitious artist rendering of what the course will look like but if anybody can pull off building some wild shit like that it… Continue reading Red Bull Dirt Conquers