Welcome Back to Jefferson State – Marcus O’Brien

Another week brings us another section from “Welcome Back to Jefferson State.” This week it’s POW head honcho Marcus O’Brien’s part. You would think following Midget Cory’s part would be tough, but Marcus has no problem keeping the action rolling right along. Want a copy of “Welcome Back to Jefferson State” for your own personal collection? You can grab one HERE.

Welcome Back To Jefferson State Intro

The intro from the POW’s “Welcome Back To Jefferson State” DVD is the first section to make its way online. Hopefully most of you all have a copy of the DVD and have seen this already. You’ve been missing out if not! We have four copies left, so hit up the store if you want to grab one before they’re all gone. I even marked them down cause I like you guys!

Review: POWS “Welcome Back To Jefferson State!” DVD

I'm not going to bore you with a long drawn out review here. I'm going to get right to the point in just the same way that the POWS "Welcome Back to Jefferson State!" does.

There's a trend these days for trails videos to be overly artsy and have way too much b-roll digging footage in them. If that's what you're into then that's your prerogative. As for myself, I just want to see trails getting roasted. I've done enough digging, stacking, and packing in my lifetime to know damn well what it looks like. Luckily for myself and anyone else who shares my viewpoint, "Welcome Back to Jefferson State!" DVD doesn't have any of those cliche trails video attributes. Hit play and it gets straight to the action. Honestly, I wouldn't have expected anything less from the POWS.

It's broken into sections with Cory Walters, Marcus O'Brien, Aaron Day, GJ, and Jeremy Kaiser each having their own, and two mix sections thrown in for good measure. Each of these dudes have their own distinct style but three common traits exist between all of them. They ride hard, party even harder, and none of them are scared to throw down some stunts on some big ass jumps. Those facts combined with a soundtrack comprised of Slayer, The B-52's, Gypsyhawk, The Black Keys, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Roky Erickson, and CCR make for a kick ass video that's a damn fun watch. Actually it makes me think of what an FBM trails video would have looked like had they made one back in the day. You know when they were more "fire, beer, mayhem" and less "friendship, brotherhood, memories."

With "Welcome Back to Jefferson State!" you get 35 minutes of no bullshit trails riding. It has a solid soundtrack, a solid crew, and none of the filler we've come to expect with most trails videos these days. It's definitely a video that you'll want to add to your collection. Be prepared though, you will see some dicks when you watch it!

"Welcome Back to Jefferson State!" is available now through the Can You Dig It Store. Get up on it!

Re-Up: “Welcome Back To Jefferson State!” Trailer

In celebration of having the POW’s bad ass “Welcome Back to Jefferson State!” DVD back in stock in the store, I’m re-upping the trailer. I remember being real psyched on it when it first came out and couldn’t wait for the video. Apparently I have the memory of a fish because I quickly forgot about it. That was until Marcus sent us some copies and I was quickly reminded as to why I had been so hyped up to get the DVD. As rad as the trailer is, the actual video is even better. We just got restocked on them, so hit up the store and grab yourself a copy before we sell out again. You definitely won’t regret it!

POWS “Welcome Back To Jefferson State!” DVD Available In The Store

The POW's much anticipated follow up to "Welcome To Jefferson State" is finally out and we have copies available in the STORE. If 35 minutes of no bullshit trail riding sounds good to you then you'll want to grab a copy. Take my word for it that you'll want this in your collection! If you need more convincing then you can expect a full review within the next few days. For the meantime you can check out the trailer below. (more...)

2014 Solid Bikes WASP Trails Frame

I doubt too many of you remember the OG Solid WASP frame of yesteryear. It was their "light" frame, but in true late 90s fashion it was so beefy that it could have withstood I direct hit from a nuclear tipped missile. Well, the Wasp is back and has been updated to the standards of this decade. It's built around "bigger, stronger, stiffer" True Temper tubing, and features an hourglass head tube, shark fin mid bb, externally butted seat tube, integrated seat clamp, bullet tipped seat and chainstays, and clearance for up to 2.3" tires. Geometry is pretty standard with a 74.5 head tube, Solid's signature 69 seat tube, 9" standover, 11.625 bb height, 13.75 slammed rear end, and your choice of 14mm or 3/8" dropouts. Team riders Ryan Popple, Jeremy Kaiser, and Marcus O'Brien all had a lot of input into this frame, so you know it's ready to roast! Available now in this fine "chroizo" color from Solid's store. More pics after the jump. (more...)

“The Mayor Of Our City Called Us Animals”

Marcus from the POW's hit me up with some shitty news. The POW Crew are having some legal troubles, and as a result they had to shut down their site and videos for the time being. What's worse is that it looks like the POW Trails are going to be getting plowed. I hate hearing shit like that! I really hope things will work out for them. On a bright note, the new POW video "Welcome Back To Jefferson State" WILL be out soon.