Insight: Deluxe – U.S Versus Taiwan Production

The Union has a really interesting interview with Mark Noble about Deluxe’s experiences with getting their new frames made in both the USA and Taiwan. I hadn’t really given much thought into all the intricacies of dealing with frame manufacturers that operate in very different ways. Definitely insightful and on top of it he also… Continue reading Insight: Deluxe – U.S Versus Taiwan Production

Deluxe Interbike Spotlight

Ride catches up with Mark Noble and he shows off Deluxe’s new USA made Welcome bars and PA USA frame. Having seen both of these first hand, I can attest to how good they really look! You can also check out some detail shots of the PA USA built up HERE.

Deluxe PA Model Sticker Sheet

Mark Noble posted this pic of a freshly printed sticker sheet for Mark Potczny’s signature Deluxe “PA Model” frame. No word yet as to when the frame will be out, but I would imagine that we’ll be seeing them sometime soon.