Flashback: DUO – UK Team Trails Trip

Here’s a good one from back in 2012! DUO sent then UK team members Lima Eltham, Martyn Tambling, Matt Priest, Boyd William and Kriss Kyle around the UK on a little trails adventure. Ryan Hallett tagged along to capture the whole thing, and the above edit is the result. I had actually all but forgotten… Continue reading Flashback: DUO – UK Team Trails Trip

Martyn Tambling 2012

I originally decided to watch this just to check out some of the weird spots Martyn was riding. Completely to my surprise there was sprinkling of him riding trails right in the middle of it. You can skip to 02:02 if you just want to check out the trails, but I’d suggest watching the whole… Continue reading Martyn Tambling 2012