Colorado BMX – Down By

Forty minutes of Colorado trails goodness is not a bad way to start off the week! I’m really glad to see that people are starting to put out longer videos like this again. It’s nice to be able to throw something like this up on the tv, kick back with a beer and enjoy a… Continue reading Colorado BMX – Down By

Mat Olson @ Frisco

Well the actual title of this is “Mat Olson at Woodward Copper”, but what matters to us around here is the last 50 seconds where he’s riding the Frisco Bike Park. Jump to 01:07 to get yourself there!

Mat Olson for Deco Bmx

When I hear Deco I automatically think of flatland. I didn’t even know they made a frame long enough to comfortably ride trails on (unless you are 4’8″), yet alone had a guy on the team who rode trails. You learn something new every day! The first minute and five seconds of this is nothing… Continue reading Mat Olson for Deco Bmx