Review: Compression “Septembre” DVD

From the moment I saw the first trailer for Compression’s “Septembre” DVD I knew something special was in the works. This may shock, amaze, or just plain disgust you, but I’m not really that into full length trails videos. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some awesome ones that have come out, but there’s also been… Continue reading Review: Compression “Septembre” DVD

Compression “Septembre” DVD Available in the Store

The new Compression “Septembre” DVD has finally made it’s way across the Atlantic and is now available exclusively in the US through the CYDI Store. I’m not trying to get all used car salesman on you, but you NEED this DVD! Imagine 35 minutes of twenty of the best trail riders in the world riding… Continue reading Compression “Septembre” DVD Available in the Store

Vans Kill the Line 2013 Info & Teaser

Damn times flies! It seems like the 2012 Vans Kill the Line wasn’t too long ago, but in reality we are already coming up on the 2013 contest. It’s just a little over three months away and Alex Dropsy, Max Bimar, Bérenger Cordier, and the kids of Peynier are already getting the line ready for… Continue reading Vans Kill the Line 2013 Info & Teaser

Max Bimar Bike Check

Max just built up a new bike around the clearcoat colorway of his Sacre Bleu frame, and damn it looks good. Head over to Deluxe for more pictures and and a rundown of his new setup.

Max Bimar Cruise at Riverside

I’ve been patiently waiting for more footage of Max’s trip to California to surface. Well here it is, and though I wish it was a little less POV and instead had more footage that someone had filmed I’ll take what I can get. Max’s Sacre Bleu frame is finally available from Deluxe, and in here he… Continue reading Max Bimar Cruise at Riverside